A Week in the Life at Budds in Surfers Hostel

Backpacker Liana from Budds in Surfers hostel on the beach with a surf board

Hey, fellow travellers! I’m Liana, currently working and living at Budds in Surfers hostel.

This week, I’m excited to share my daily adventures with you, giving you a taste of the incredible experiences the Gold Coast and Budds in Surfers have to offer.

Wednesday: Capturing Smiles and Hearts

Midweek kicked off with a hostel photoshoot, where our team enjoyed pizza, burgers, beers, and poolside vibes. As the sun dipped below the horizon, I switched into Events Manager mode and hosted a heartwarming Valentine’s Day speed dating event. Connections were made, games were played, and a lucky pair even earned the title of “potential couple of the night.”

Thursday: Coffee Chronicles and Evening Shifts

Bumbles Cafe, or “the local” (an Aussie thing), set the perfect tone for the day. Sipping on my iced latte, I absorbed the Gold Coast vibe before a leisurely walk. The afternoon was spent chilling at Budds in Surfers, preparing for a lively shift at the hostel. Evenings at Budds are never dull, and this one was no exception.

Friday: Yachts, Work, and Nightly Adventures

The day began with a pre-shift coffee ritual with co-workers, establishing the vibe for a day of dual roles. Next was a shift on the super yachts, immersing myself in an event adorned with beautiful decorations.

Back at Budds, the night unfolded with games and laughter, seamlessly transitioning into taking everyone out to a club in Surfers Paradise for a little boogie.

Saturday: Surfing, Sunsets, and Sips

Weekends are for waves, and I joined friends for the WSL surf comp in Burleigh Heads. Surf, food, and drinks painted a vivid picture of the Gold Coast lifestyle. Back at the hostel, we decided to take it easy and chill out for the night, creating a seamless blend of adventure and relaxation.

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Sunday: South Bound Surf and Relaxation

I set off to Coolangatta with friends, ready for a day of surfing adventures. After catching waves and refining our skills, we hopped on the bus and then the tram, heading back home. Back at the hostel, I wrapped up my day reminiscing with a scrapbook of old notes from friends.

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Monday: Breakfast Bliss, Poolside Games, and Karaoke Nights

Free breakfast at the hostel marked the beginning of another sun-soaked day. Poolside chill sessions and games followed, leading up to a lively karaoke night at The Avenue in Surfers Paradise, a Monday tradition at Budds.

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Tuesday: Sunset Sangria and Charcuterie Delights

Leading guests to Budds Beach for sunset sangria and cheese boards was the perfect way to unwind. The sun sets over the water on Budds Beach, and it’s a view you can’t miss out on.

Wednesday: Waves and Wheels

A day of free surf lessons at The Spit in Main Beach filled the morning, followed by an exhilarating night of skateboarding. The hostel’s partnership with Get Wet Surf brought out the surf enthusiasts in all of us, getting better with each wave I caught.

Backpacker Liana from Budds in Surfers hostel on the beach with a surf board
Liana (left) heading out to catch some waves with the Get Wet Surf crew.

Wrapping up this incredible week at Budds in Surfers, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming gratitude for the life I’m living here. Surrounded by friends, soaking up the sun, and diving into the waves, each moment has been a treasure.

Thanks for joining me on this week of sun-soaked adventures. Until next time, here’s to more waves, more friends, and the ongoing journey. Cheers!


PS If you want to enjoy this awesome lifestyle on the Gold Coast, Book your stay today at Budds in Surfers. Look forward to seeing you!