Best Cheap Eats on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has more than just stunning views to offer (check out the best GC sunset spots, btw) – it boasts a wallet-friendly culinary scene that’s perfect for backpackers seeking savoury delights without breaking the bank.

If you’re navigating the coast on a budget, here’s a roundup of the top affordable eats to satisfy your backpacker cravings.

1. $20 Weekend Lunch Deal at Bobs – Beer Surfers Paradise

Bob's Surfers Paradise lunch deal including a burger and fries
Sourced: BOB’s Instagram page

Location: 10/2 Elkhorn Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217

To kick off your budget-friendly food adventure, the $20 weekend lunch deal at Bobs in Surfers Paradise is sure to make backpackers rejoice. Dive into a hearty meal that won’t drain your travel funds while soaking up the relaxed, beachy vibes of Surfers Paradise.

Distance from Budds: a 750m walk from Budds (10 minutes)

2. Taco Thursdays at Frida Sol – Palm Beach

Min Patron bottles and tacos
Sourced: SOL’s Instagram page

Location: 1176 Gold Coast Hwy, Palm Beach

Palm Beach isn’t just about the mesmerising shores; it’s also the home of Frida Sol, where Thursdays are dedicated to the flavours of Taco Thursdays. Dive into an array of tempting tacos that won’t break the bank. With each bite, experience the Mexican delight that makes Frida Sol a haven for budget-friendly foodies.

Distance from Budds: 30-35 minute drive

3. Hail Mary Marg Mondays and Taco Tuesdays at Burleigh

Plates of Mexican eats at Hail Mary
Sourced: Hail Mary Instagram Page

Location: 26 James St, Burleigh Heads

Burleigh’s eclectic charm extends to its affordable eats, especially at Hail Mary. Mondays introduce Hail Mary Marg’s, letting you savour margaritas without a hefty price tag. Tuesdays bring the joy of Taco Tuesdays, offering a delightful array of tacos catering to every backpacker’s taste buds. Hail Mary ensures that weekdays in Burleigh are anything but ordinary – they’re a flavourful fiesta!

Distance from Budds: 25-30 minute drive

4. $3 Treats at Hard Fizz

Chicken wings and slaw
Sourced: Hard Fizz Taproom Instagram Page

Location: 16 Hibiscus Haven, Burleigh Waters

For backpackers craving a mix of flavours without depleting their funds, Hard Fizz is the ultimate go-to spot. Their $3 deals on tacos, bao buns and wings cater to both your taste buds and your budget. The diverse menu and affordable prices make Hard Fizz a must-visit for backpackers seeking a delicious and economical dining experience.

Distance from Budds: 20-25 minute drive

5. El Camino Daily Delights

Mexican eats and cocktails at El Camino Surfers Paradise
Sourced: El Camino Surfers Paradise Instagram Page

Location: 2 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise

Are you looking to stumble out of Budds and straight into a Mexican and Margarita Fiesta? At El Camino, daily deals await backpackers looking for pocket-friendly delights. This vibrant Mexican joint offers something special every day, from discounted nachos to affordable margaritas. Whether it’s Taco Tuesday or Fajita Friday, El Camino ensures that every day is a celebration of flavours without compromising your traveller’s budget.

Distance from Budds: 1km walk from Budds (15 minutes)


With these pocket-friendly meal deals (plus throw in an awesome Happy Hour drinks on the GC, you’ll never skimp on dining out at the Gold Coast’s best eats! Whether you’re searching for a Mexican fiesta right at your fingertips or a hearty lunch deal, grab your friends, don’t forget those wallets, and explore all the flavours our vibrant coastal haven has to offer!