Top 5 Instagramable Locations for your travel pics

Tallebudgera Creek drone view at sunset

In today’s digital age, travelling isn’t just about experiencing new places; it’s also about capturing those moments and sharing them with the world. If you’re staying at Budds in Surfers Hostel, located in the heart of vibrant Gold Coast, Australia, you’re in luck! This coastal paradise is not only filled with stunning landscapes but also boasts some of the most Instagram-worthy spots for your travel photos.

Our top five picks for that perfect pic:


1. Palm Springs, Burleigh

Palm Springs venue Gold Coast
Sourced: Palm Springs Instagram Page

Nestled in the heart of Burleigh Heads (one our best surf spots on the Gold Coast), Palm Springs Cafe is a haven for coffee enthusiasts and Instagrammers alike. With its chic interior adorned with lush greenery and trendy decor, this café provides the perfect backdrop for your morning coffee shot or a candid brunch moment. Don’t forget to capture the vibrant latte art or snap a selfie against the backdrop of their iconic palm tree mural – your followers will thank you for the aesthetic inspiration!


2. Tallebudgera Creek Walk Wall

Tallebudgera Creek drone view at sunset
Tallebudgera Creek drone view

The Tallebudgera Walk Wall, your dream rustic and Greek-inspired backdrop. Its rough white stone façade, smoothed seats and details of soft blue paint capture the essence of the small stone homes of the Greek Islands. Each corner offers a unique photo opportunity, from posing against the textured walls to lounging on carved seats. It offers the perfect lighting to elevate your Instagram feed and leave a lasting impression of Greek serenity.

‘Talle’ should be on your photo spots but we’ve also handpicked a bucket list activities for an unforgettable adventure on the Gold Coast.


3. Next Door Espresso, Burleigh

Next Door Burleigh venue Gold Coast
Sourced: Next Door Burleigh Instagram Page

Another gem in Burleigh, Next Door Espresso is a haven for coffee connoisseurs and Instagram enthusiasts alike. Step inside this cozy cafe, and you’ll be greeted by rustic decor and artisanal brews. From perfectly plated avocado toast to decadent pastries, so whether you’re there to take a candid brunch pic or snap photos of your food, every dish and angle here is a work of art waiting to be captured.


4. The Malibu Racquet Club, Burleigh

The Malibu Racquet Club, Burleigh
The Malibu Racquet Club, Burleigh

Channel your inner influencer at The Malibu Racquet Club, where vintage meets modern in the most Instagram-worthy way. In this retro-inspired venue, think pastel hues, neon signs, and quirky decor that will transport you back in time. Whether you’re posing out the front against the sleek architecture or dining indoors in a booth, every corner of this club is a photo op waiting to happen. And if you’re looking for awesome places to eat check out our guide on the Must Visit Gold Coast Cafés.


5. Burleigh Hill

Burleigh Hill drone view looking back to Surfers
Burleigh Hill drone view

Last but certainly not least, no trip to Burleigh is complete without a visit to Burleigh Hill. As one of the Gold Coast’s most iconic landmarks, this grassy knoll offers panoramic views of the ocean and skyline. Picnicking with friends or watching the sunset solo, the sweeping views from Burleigh Hill are sure to leave your Instagram feed feeling coastal and aesthetic. Burleigh is also one of our top picks for the Best Sunset Spots on the Gold Coast.


So, there you have it – the top 5 most Instagramable locations along the Gold Coast. Whether you’re a seasoned influencer or just looking to up your Instagram game, these spots are guaranteed to make your travel pics shine. So grab your camera (or smartphone) and start snapping away – your followers will thank you later!

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