What is Matcha and Where to Find the Best Matcha on the Gold Coast

Iced Matcha Latte

As a traveller or backpacker staying at Budds in Surfers Hostel on the Gold Coast, maintaining your energy levels and well-being is crucial. One of the best ways to do this is by incorporating matcha into your daily routine. This vibrant green tea powder is packed with health benefits and is becoming increasingly popular for its unique flavour and versatility.

Here’s a guide to understanding the benefits of matcha and where to find the best matcha spots on the Gold Coast.


What is Matcha?

Matcha is powdered green tea leaves that are carefully whisked with hot water using a bamboo whisk, known as a “Chasen.” The process begins with sifting the matcha powder to remove any clumps. Then, a small amount of the sifted matcha is placed into a tea bowl, or “chawan.” Hot water (typically just below boiling) is added, and the mixture is whisked vigorously in a “W” motion until it becomes frothy and smooth. The result is a vibrant green tea with a rich, creamy texture and a slightly sweet, vegetal flavour. This traditional method of preparing matcha enhances its flavour and nutritional benefits.


The Benefits of Matcha

Matcha ingredients and utensils
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1. Rich in Antioxidants

Matcha is renowned for its high antioxidant content, particularly catechins, which help protect the body from free radicals. These antioxidants can improve your overall health and boost your immune system, which is essential for keeping up with the demands of travelling.

2. Enhanced Energy and Focus

Matcha contains a unique combination of caffeine and L-theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxation without causing drowsiness. This combination provides a steady energy boost and enhances mental clarity and focus, making it perfect for those long days of exploring.

3. Detoxification

The chlorophyll in matcha not only gives it its vibrant green colour but also helps detoxify the body. Regular consumption of matcha can aid in cleansing the blood and supporting liver health, which is beneficial for travellers who might indulge in local cuisines and beverages.

4. Relaxation and Calm

Despite its caffeine content, matcha promotes a state of relaxation and calm due to the presence of L-theanine. This makes it an excellent choice for those moments when you need to unwind and de-stress, whether after a day of sightseeing or before a good night’s sleep.


Best Ways to Enjoy Matcha

Hot Matcha latte

Matcha is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed in various forms, both hot and cold, each offering a unique experience. Here are some of the best ways to savour this vibrant green tea:

1. Traditional Hot Matcha

Traditional hot matcha is the purest way to enjoy this green tea powder, emphasising its rich, umami flavour and smooth, creamy texture. When prepared traditionally, matcha delivers a full-bodied experience with its complex taste profile that includes grassy, vegetal notes and natural sweetness. It’s perfect for those who want to savour matcha’s authentic taste and enjoy a calming, meditative tea-drinking experience.

2. Matcha Latte

A matcha latte combines the robust flavour of matcha with the creaminess of milk, creating a balanced and indulgent drink. The addition of milk (whether dairy or plant-based) mellows the matcha’s natural bitterness, resulting in a smoother, sweeter beverage. This version is ideal for those who might find traditional matcha too intense or who enjoy a richer, creamier texture.

3. Iced Matcha

Iced matcha offers a pure, unadulterated taste of matcha in a chilled form. The cold water used in this preparation method allows the grassy, umami flavours of the matcha to shine through, providing a refreshing and invigorating drink. The simplicity of iced matcha makes it perfect for those who appreciate the natural taste of matcha without any added flavours.

4. Iced Matcha Latte

Iced matcha latte combines the rich, earthy taste of matcha with the creaminess of milk, creating a balanced and smooth beverage. This version is popular for mellowing out the strong matcha flavour, making it more accessible for those new to matcha or who prefer a milder taste. Most iced matcha lovers add a dash of honey or vanilla as a sweetener to round out the bold flavours.


Where to Find the Best Matcha on the Gold Coast

Iced Matchas from Matcha Therapy Robina
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1. Matcha Therapy, Robina

12.7 km from Budds in Surfers

They’ve perfected the art of green goodness, enticing coffee lovers to take a sip. At the newly opened Matcha Therapy in Robina, they offer more than stylish interiors and a chic nail salon—their range of matcha drinks, from hot to iced, sweet to strawberry, ensures there’s something delicious for every palate.

2. Shiro Gelato & Snack

4.4 km from Budds in Surfers

If you’re matcha-OBSESSED, Shiro Gelato & Snack must be at the top of your hit list; why? They offer matcha-flavoured everything. Gelato, soda, or just over ice; they’ve got us matcha-lovers covered. They take great pride in serving only the highest quality matcha, which they source right from Kyoto, Japan.

3. Buoy

7.9 km from Budds in Surfers

If you haven’t already popped into Buoy for their stunning interior and incredible brews, then maybe their organic matcha will have you popping by. Nobbys and Miami locals quickly named this café their one-stop shop for their matcha fix with their little secret. Despite the traditional matcha being whisked, they give the milk a quick blast with the steam wand so that you get that perfect, frothy top.

4. Hazel Espresso

4 km from Budds in Surfers

For those craving a robust matcha flavour with a hint of sweetness, look no further than Hazel Espresso. Their signature iced matcha coffee sphere, featuring frothy matcha poured over a frozen coffee sphere, is worth the trip to the northern end of the Coast. Whether enjoyed piping hot or refreshingly cold, their matcha is consistently excellent, reflecting the quality found throughout their menu.

5. Alfred’s Apartment

7.7 km from Budds in Surfers

If Buoy isn’t buzzing with matcha enthusiasts, you’ll likely spot them next door at Alfred’s Apartment. This unique blend of streetwear shops and coffee spots has garnered a devoted following for good reason. From their vibrant green iced matcha to their delightful strawberry variation, they excel in everything they offer, including their matcha creations.


Matcha is a fantastic addition to any traveller’s diet, offering numerous health benefits and a delicious way to stay energised and focused. The Gold Coast is home to several excellent cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy a quality matcha latte. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to relax or a vibrant café to enjoy a healthy treat, these locations near Budds in Surfers Hostel will provide you with the best matcha experiences. So, take a break from your adventures, sip on some matcha, and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

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